Dynamic Report and Dashboard Filters

Open requests without memberFilterA number of special filter options have become available. The filter option ‘None’ is one of these. It is a simple, yet very useful, option. The ‘None’ option becomes available when filtering on a field that is not, or not always, required. This makes it easy to include only the records that do not have a value in a specific field. For example, the option ‘None’ can be used when applying the Change, Impact or Member filter to a request report.

But there are quite a few more new filter options that are more interesting. These filter options are dynamic because they consider the person who opened the report or dashboard.

One of these new dynamic filter options is ‘Me’, which is available for any person filter. For example, when preparing a change management dashboard that is going to be shared, it may be useful to apply the Manager filter and select the option ‘Me’. That way, when someone opens the dashboard, the filter ensures that only the changes that are managed by the person who is looking at the dashboard are included.

Change manager dashboard

These new filter options are available in views, reports and dashboards. Below is thee complete list of dynamic filter options that are now available for filters of a corresponding record type:

  • Me
  • My team
  • Teams where I am coordinator
  • Teams where I am manager
  • My organization
  • Organizations where I am manager
  • Organizations where I am substitute
  • My site
  • Services where I am a member of the support team
  • Services where I am a member of the first line team
  • Services where I am service owner
  • Services where I am release manager
  • Services where I am change manager
  • Services where I am knowledge manager
  • Services where I am problem manager
  • Services where I am availability manager
  • Services where I am capacity manager
  • Services where I am continuity manager