Edit Report Filters

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FilterIn the past, it could happen that a user would not be able to filter a report in 4me on two specific services if these services were alphabetically far apart. That was because the user might, for example, want to filter on the services ‘Business Intelligence’ and ‘Windows Servers’. If the organization has many services, the user would initially see the first 40 of these services. This would allow the user to select the ‘Business Intelligence’ service. Scrolling down the list would, however, not allow the user to select the ‘Windows Servers’ option because the list would end after 40 services.

Selection of service for report filterOr the user could reduce the list of options by entering ‘windows’ in the Search field at the top of the list, but then the user would not be able to select the ‘Business Intelligence’ service.

To remove this limitation, it is now possible to add options to an existing filter. So, after applying the service filter ‘Business Intelligence’, the user is now able to click on the small + button next to ‘Business Intelligence’ to add ‘Windows Servers’.

Report with Service filter

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