Effort Class Added to Out of Office Period Exports

Out of Office Period

Organizations with part-time employees can use 4me’s import functionality to load the out of office periods during which these people are not going to be available.  That way, the part-time workers do not need to do that themselves.  If effort classes are linked to the timesheet settings of the organization, however, it is mandatory for an effort class to be selected for each out of office period.

To make it possible for administrators to import out of office periods for people who work for an organization that requires an effort class to be selected for each time entry, the ‘Effort Class’ column has now been added to the out of office export files.

Out of office export file with effort class column

And to make it easier for administrators to export all, or some specific, out of office periods, these options have been added behind the vertical ellipsis above the out of office period views that are available in the ‘Out of Office Periods’ section of the Settings console.

Export selected out of office periods