Email Recipient Suggestions of Involved People


In a 4me record such as a request, a number of people can be involved. These can be the person who requested the ticket, the person for whom it was requested, specialists who wrote notes, people who were mentioned and people who were sent an email from that request. When writing an email from a request, the possible recipients of that email are suggested by 4me, both in the To field and the Cc field. These suggestions are now a bit smarter, making it easier to find people who are likely to receive a follow-up email or update to the request.

The suggestion lists for email recipients are now divided into two parts. The first part (Involved people) contains all the people whose names, email addresses, or organizations (partly) meet the characters added in the field and have already been involved in the record. The second part (Other suggestions) include the other people that fit the search string.

Email suggestions

This works the same for other records, such as tasks, problems, and other record types that can contain notes. Note that end user are only suggested in requests.