Email Sent to Unknown 4me Account


When someone sends an email to the inbound email address of an organization’s 4me account, the 4me Mail API will process it.  In most cases, this results in a new request getting generated and the sender receiving a confirmation email that includes a link to the new request.

But when a message was addressed to a 4me account that does not exist, the sender would not receive an indication that something went wrong.  To ensure that people are made aware that their email was sent to an incorrect 4me email address, 4me now returns a bounce message to notify the sender that the email did not get processed.

Email response after sending message to non-existing 4me account

4me returns such a bounce message when an email was sent to:

  • an email address that does not belong to any 4me account
  • the email address of a 4me account that has been disabled
  • the email address of a 4me directory account (because requests, tasks, etc. are never registered in a directory account)
  • a team mailbox, but a team with that email address does not exist or is disabled

When an email that was sent to a team mailbox failed to process, this failure also gets logged in the ‘Inbound Email’ section of the Settings console of the 4me account that was specified in the email address.