Emails From Requests Can Generate Internal Notes


Last year, a feature was introduced that enables people to send and receive emails to known and not-yet known users, directly from the Request form. Those emails are added as notes within that request, and even replies to those emails are added as notes. This feature has now been enhanced, so that it can also be used for internal communication.

To send an email from a request, press the Actions button in the toolbar and choose the option ‘Send Email…’. After selecting the correct email template, the Send Email form appears, which now inludes a new option: Email generates internal notes.

Email internal note

When that setting is selected, the note that is generated with this email, but also any replies to the email, will be added as internal notes to the request. With this feature, it can be avoided that the requester receives unnecessary notifications. At the same time, part of the discussion within the request, which may involve people from multiple accounts, can be kept strictly internal.