Encouraging Users to Keep Their Access Secure

Personal security4me may sometimes encourage users to switch on 2-factor authentication (2FA) or update their 4me password.  Users will see these nudges as menu options when they click on their avatar in the upper right of the browser window. The two options are:

  • 2FA in 4me
  • Change 4me Password

2FA in 4me and Change 4me Password options

The ‘2FA in 4me’ option becomes available when the user has the Account Administrator or the Directory Administrator role and the user does not have 2-factor authentication enabled.  This option is displayed to encourage suchs users to improve the protection of their 4me access by activating multi-factor authentication.  Clicking on this option causes 4me to guide the user through the steps to activate 2-factor authentication.

The ‘Change 4me Password’ option shows a warning icon when the user’s 4me password is more than 90 days old.  The color of the warning icon turns from orange to red once the user has not updated his or her password for more one year.  The ‘Change 4me Password’ option is offered to remind users to regularly update their 4me password.  When a user clicks on this menu option, the user is invited to set a new password.

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