End of Support for IE11

Internet ExplorerEven though Microsoft is planning to support Internet Explorer 11 through October 14, 2025, they recommend users migrate off IE11 in favor of Edge as it is safer and faster.  In Enterprise Mode, Microsoft Edge offers backward compatibility, so there is really no reason why organizations would still allow the use of IE11.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 logo
Many SaaS providers have already dropped support for IE11.  The usage statics of 4me suggest that only a small percentage of users is still accessing 4me using an IE11 browser.

The 4me service will therefore stop supporting IE11.  From February 01, 2021 onward, the development team will no longer consider whether or not features work in IE11, which should make 4me’s development team even more productive.

More information about what to do if your organization is still using the IE11 browser can be found on Microsoft’s website at:  Plan your deployment of Microsoft Edge.