End User Support Domains in Service Desk Console

Service desk

In an enterprise organization, it is very common for a person to have a Specialist role in one support domain, but not in others. That doesn’t mean that this person can’t be covered for one or more services from those other support domains, though. To register a request on any of those services, the specialist would have to navigate to the self-service portal, like any other end user. This is no longer necessary.

When a specialist wants to register a request for themself in the Service Desk console, all support domains and services for which they have coverage are now available to them. The following screenshot shows David Wood from Widget Data Center, External IT, registering a request in the Specialist Interface.

Covered SD

Even though David only has the specialist role in the Data Center Services support domain, he is now able to register requests from other domains that provide services for which he is covered.

When he selects one of the services, in this case ‘Paid Time Off’ from the Human Resources support domain, he is presented with a limited form, just like the one he would see as an end user in 4me Self Service. 

New request

Any knowledge articles that are available are presented in a pop-up window when selected. They are not applied to the request as would happen when he registers a request as a specialist.