End Users Can Withdraw Their Requests


After someone has submitted a request, it can happen that the requester no longer needs the request to be completed.  As long as the request has not already been completed, it is now possible for the person who submitted the request to withdraw it using 4me Self Service or the 4me App.

If the request was submitted on behalf of someone else, this person can also withdraw it.  And when a key contact has access to the request, even this person is authorized to withdraw it.

To withdraw a request, the requester opens it in 4me Self Service or the 4me App.  If the requester is an end user or key contact, the Withdraw button will be available below the Note field as long as the request has not reached the ‘Completed’ status.

Request in 4me Self Service with Withdraw button and empty Note field

If the user presses the Withdraw button and the Note field is empty, the cursor is placed in the Note field and a message appears asking the user to specify the reason for withdrawing the request.

Request in 4me Self Service with message requesting reason for withdrawal

When the Note field contains text and the Withdraw button is pressed, the user is asked to confirm the withdrawal.  This avoids situations where a user intended to press the Save button, but accidentally pressed the Withdraw button.

Withdrawal confirmation pop up