Enhanced Label Generation for CIs

Configuration Item

When a configuration item (CI) that is not a software version is registered in 4me and configuration items of the same product category already exist, a label is suggested based on the existing numbering scheme.  For example, if a new Dell E157FP monitor is registered and the highest numbered label of monitors within the account is ‘NLMON00039’, the suggested label for the new CI will be ‘NLMON00040’.

An organization may decide, for various reasons, to use multiple numbering schemes for CI labels.  Consider, for example, a local IT department in Germany in the same account that wants to register 20 monitors using the numbering labels ‘GEMON00011’ to ‘GEMON00030’.  After adding the first CI with the correct label and clicking the Save & Add Another button, the suggestion would, until now, still be ‘NLMON00040’, because 40 is still the highest number for these CIs in the account.

When adding a new (non-software version) configuration item by clicking the Save & Add Another button, the label suggestion is now a continuation of the last used numbering scheme for CIs of the same product category in the account.

ci label generation

A seemingly small enhancement, but one that can make the work of a configuration manager just a little bit easier.