Even Faster Performance for Large Enterprises

PerformanceA significant performance improvement has been transferred to production. Specialists who work in very large organizations should notice that their requests, problems and tasks now open just a little bit quicker when they place them in Edit mode.

This performance enhancement ensures that all the people who can be selected in the Member field are no longer retrieved each time someone starts to update an assignment. From now on, the options for the Member field are retrieved only after a new team has been selected. This causes the options for the Member field to be retrieved far less often and when they are retrieved, fewer options need to be obtained.
The Person record was adjusted for the same reason. There, teams can now be selected using the ‘Link Teams…’ option. Directory administrators of large enterprises with many, many teams are almost certainly going to observe the improved speed when they open a person record in Edit mode.

Roles and teams assignment in person record