Expanded Watchlist Functionality


The Watchlist functionality helps both specialists and end users to easily follow requests and other records, even when these are not assigned to them.  After clicking on the ‘eye’ icon, they get notified every time someone else adds a note to it.  This functionality has now been greatly expanded, by letting users see who is following a record, and even letting them add users to a request’s watchlist.

This added functionality means that a single click on the Watchlist button is no longer enough to add yourself to the watchlist of a record.  After the click, the new interface pops up, including the option to ‘Start watching’.

Watchlist start watching

If a user is not the only person watching a record, the number of colleagues that are also following that record is now displayed right next to the ‘eye’ icon of the Watchlist button.  And by clicking that button, the user can immediately see who those colleagues are.  If the record is a request, it is even possible to add others to the watchlist.  These people get notified of updates like anyone else on the watchlist.  This new functionality is added to the 4me Specialist Interface, 4me Self Service, and the 4me App.

Watchlist add watchers

A user can remove someone else from the watchlist by clicking on the ⓧ behind the name if the person was added by that user.  Account administrators and service desk analysts can remove anyone from the watchlist for the account where they have this role.  After someone has been added to a watchlist, or removed from a watchlist, they receive a notification for that.

Specialists can see all records they are following in the ‘Watchlist’ view, which can be opened from the Inbox console.  End users can see these records in the ‘My Watchlist’ section of 4me Self Service or the 4me App.

Watchlist inbox

In strong privacy accounts it is not possible to add other watchers, nor see the watchers.