Export and Import Avatars

ExportIn 4me it is possible to upload a small picture, or avatar, for specific records. That makes these records easier to recognize for users.
Change the picture of a 4me record
The records for which a picture can be uploaded are:

  • Holidays
  • Organizations
  • People
  • Product
  • Product Categories
  • Service
  • Service Categories
  • Sites
  • Teams

The export files of these records now have an additional column. The name of this column is ‘Picture URI’. This column contains the hyperlink to the picture of each record. When an export file with picture URIs is imported, these URIs are used to download the pictures. These pictures are subsequently uploaded again to ensure that they get their own unique URI.
Export file with picture URIs
This is useful, for example, for large enterprises that have multiple departments around the world that provide similar services. They can use this feature to create a standard import file with service records that already contains a picture for each service. When they roll out 4me to another department for which another support domain account needs to be populated, the import file makes sure that the pictures do not need to be uploaded manually after the services have been imported.