Export and Import Inline Images

ImageWhen a new 4me account is being populated in QA and several request templates and knowledge articles have been prepared and approved, they can be exported and imported again into the organization’s 4me production account before go-live.
But if these templates and articles include images in, for example, their Instructions field, these images would not be visible after the import into the production account. The enhancement that recently became available ensures that the URLs of the inline images are now included in the export files for the following record types:

  • Request templates
  • Knowledge articles
  • Change templates
  • Change task templates
  • Project task templates
  • Translations

When an export file for one of these record types is imported into a different 4me account, the image URLs are used to automatically download the images from the original account. Once downloaded, the images are immediately uploaded again into the new account where they get a new unique URL.