Export Your System Logs

ExportThe system logs tell you who logged in to your organization’s 4me account, who imported data, and also who exported it.

Each system log entry includes information like the date and time when the action occurred, from which IP address it was initiated, which data was exported, etc.

System Logs
Export option in Actions menuNow you can export these log entries. This makes it possible to analyze the log data to find out, for example, which data gets exported and how often this happens.

An export of the system logs can be performed just like any other export. Provided that you have the Account Administrator role, you can do this using the ‘Export…’ option of the Actions menu when you are looking at the System Logs view. Or you can schedule exports to automate the periodic import of the system logs into, for example, the corporate data warehouse. The Export API has also been extended to ensure that it can be used to export the system logs.