Extended Collision Detection

AlertThe collision detection feature, which was introduced a few weeks ago for the Inbox views, has just been extended to all consoles of the 4me service. Apart from making collision detection available for all record types, we also extended its capabilities.

Now it does not only warn you when someone else has updated the record that you are working on; it already notifies you when someone starts to look at this record.

One other viewer notification
And when other people subsequently open this record as well, the message at the bottom of the screen gets updated to reflect this.

Multiple other viewers notification
When one of these people places the request in edit mode, the message becomes a warning.

One other editor warning
If this person then saves an update of this record while you still have it in Edit mode, the warning becomes yellow to emphasize its importance.

Record updated by someone else warning
Pressing the Cancel link in the warning has the same result as pressing the Cancel button next to the Save button at the bottom of the record.

But when you are only looking at a record (i.e. not editing) and someone else saves an update of this record, the record is automatically refreshed in your browser to ensure that you see the latest information.

The Collision Detection feature should help avoid accidental duplication of effort and promote even more effective real-time collaboration.