Extending the Power of Custom Links

LinkWith the Custom Links functionality, it is possible to add hyperlinks to the Actions menu. Parameters can be used in these hyperlinks to dynamically include data from the record that you are working on.

We just added a few more parameters that make it easy to build even more useful integrations. The added parameters are:

  • request.id
  • request.subject
  • problem.id
  • problem.subject
  • task.id
  • task.subject

The ID parameters were added to allow the record number to be passed to, for example, a chat application. Knowing the ID of the request you were working on when you started a chat session, allows the chat application to add a note to this request after the chat session has ended. The note could contain a link that points to a complete transcript of the chat session.

The Subject parameters could be included in hyperlinks that launch an external knowledge management application. This would tell the knowledge management tool to initiate a search using the text that was entered in the Subject field of, for example, a new request that was opened in the Service Desk console.