Extra Sign In and Sign Out Protection

Lock ClosedTwo more security enhancements have been added that will help users protect their access to 4me. Neither of these improvements should have a big impact on users, but they may notice a minor difference in behavior.

Logging Out from All Browser Tabs

When a user signs out, all other tabs and windows in which the user had 4me open get updated so that no 4me information is visible in them any more. This helps secure the data that organizations store in 4me.
You signed out in another tab or window
Note that this affects only the tabs and windows of the browser in which the user logged off. If the user was also logged in to 4me with another browser application or on a different device, then this other session remains available.

Remember Me Option Removed

The checkbox ‘Remember me on this computer‘ has been removed from 4me’s standard login screen. Not allowing people to use this feature, along with the recent Idle Session Timeout feature, gives security officers more control over the protection of their organization’s 4me data.
Because of the removal of this option, the login screen now looks a little cleaner and simpler. But since most organizations have activated single sign-on in their 4me accounts, very few users will probably notice the difference.
Standard 4me login screen