Extra Task Template Assignment Options

TaskTask templates are used extensively to define standard workflows for the Change Management and Request Fulfilment processes. To make these workflows more dynamic, three assignment options have been added for task templates.

The first is the “Service owner” option. Selecting this option causes tasks, which are created using the template, to be assigned to the person who is selected in the Service owner field of the service that is linked to the change that the task belongs to.

Task template with additional assignment options
The “Requester” option is also new. This option ensures that new tasks that are based on the template get assigned to the requester of the request for which the change was generated. This can be useful, for example, when the requester needs to sign off digitally when he/she takes delivery of a new device.

The third new option is intended specifically for large enterprises that consist of multiple business units or divisions that are supported by a shared IT services organization. The “Requester’s business unit manager” option can be selected to ensure that tasks based on the template get assigned to the manager of the business unit that the organization of the requester is a part of.

By selecting roles (rather than specific individuals) in the task templates, it should be possible to reduce the number of templates as well as the time required to maintain them.