Filter Automation Rules by Template

FilterThe following four filters have become available for the Account Designer and Account Administrator roles in the ‘Automation Rules’ section of the Settings console:

  • Change template
  • Task template
  • Project template
  • Project task template

The first two of these filters are available in the views that list the automation rules for change templates and task templates.  The other two can be found in the views with the automation rules for project templates and project task templates.  In the ‘Change Template Automation Rules’ view, for example, the ‘Change template’ and ‘Task template’ filters make it possible to reduce the list of automation rules to those that were added to a specific change and/or task template.

Change template automation rules filtered by task template

This is mostly useful for account designers after they created and tested some new rules in the QA environment and want to export them so that they can be imported in production.  After filtering an automation rules view using these new filters, the remaining automation rules can be downloaded using the option to export items in a filtered view.