Filter by Organization Including Descendants


When a user wants to see data related to a specific organization, it is possible to filter a report or other relevant records by that organization.  If that user also wants to see data from descendant organizations, i.e. organizations that are lower in the organization structure but in the same branch, these organizations can be added one by one to the filter.  For organizations that have large, complex organization structures, this work can sometimes become laborious, or even error-prone.

A new (and much-requested) filter option has now been added in all places where data could already be filtered by organization: filter by organization including the descendants of that organization.  Below is an example of the ‘Completed Requests by Category’ report.  Many filter options were already available for this report, including:

  • Affected service provider
  • Customer
  • Requester organization and
  • Supplier

Now, the related filters that include the descendant organizations for those options are also available:

  • Affected service provider (incl. descendants)
  • Customer (incl. descendants)
  • Requester organization (incl. descendants) and
  • Supplier (incl. descendants)
Report filter organization including descendants