Filter People by Account

FilterThe ability to filter people by manager became available last week.  This week another filter has become available for the people views.

The vast majority of enterprise organizations that use 4me set up one directory account with multiple support domain accounts (e.g. for IT, HR, Purchasing, etc.) so that their employees have a single self service portal that they can turn to when they need some help.  The specialists in these organizations access 4me by logging into their support domain account.

When these specialists go to the Records console and open the ‘All People’ view, they see all the person records that are registered in their support domain account, as well as all the people who are registered in the 4me directory account.  But there was no easy way to see which records were stored in the support domain account versus the directory account.  That is why the ‘Account’ filter has become available for all the people views.

People view filtered by support domain account

This feature will be especially useful for account administrators who want to make sure that all employees are registered in the directory account.  Now they can quickly verify this and, if necessary, move person records from the support domain account to the directory account.