Filter Project Tasks by Assignee

Project TaskIt was already possible to filter project tasks by team, but most project tasks are assigned directly to individuals.  Now that the ‘Assignee’ filter has been added for the project task views and reports, it is easy to quickly look up all project tasks that have been assigned to a specific person.

Project tasks view filtered by assignee

The filter applies to project tasks of the category ‘Activity’ as well as project tasks of the category ‘Approval’.  It is available in all project task views and reports.

In addition to adding the ‘Assignee’ filter, the following two reports have been added:

  • Open Project Tasks by Assignee
  • Finished Project Tasks by Assignee

Finished Project Tasks by Assignee report

To bring all this in line with the similar functionality for change tasks, the ‘Member’ filter for change tasks has been renamed to ‘Assignee’.  In addition, the existing reports:

  • Open Tasks by Member
  • Finished Tasks by Member

have been renamed to:

  • Open Tasks by Assignee
  • Finished Tasks by Assignee

When editing a dashboard, people will also notice that the ‘Member’ filter has been renamed to ‘Member / Assignee’.  It filters request and problem reports by member and task reports by assignee.

Note that all ‘…by Assignee’ reports are disabled by default.  This ensures that organizations do not accidentally violate their internal policies or local regulations when they are not allowed to run reports that could be misused to compare the performance of individuals.