Filters in 4me Self Service


So far, filters have only been available in the ‘All Requests’ and ‘My Organization’s Assets’ sections of 4me Self Service, as those sections are accessible to specialists, customer representatives, and key contacts. Those users have a much larger visibility to requests and configuration items than end users. We see, however, more and more end users having quite a lot of assignments in their inbox. Similarly, there can be many requests in ‘My Requests’. That is why we have now added filters on the following sections of 4me Self Service:

  • My Inbox
  • My Team’s Inbox
  • My Requests
  • My Watchlist

Unlike before in ‘All Requests’ and ‘My Organization’s Assets’, the filters are directly available from the header of the view under the Filter icon.

Filter self service

The new filters are also available from the 4me Mobile App. Because screen space is more limited on mobile devices, the Filter icon has taken the place of the + button, from which a new request could be registered. That functionality has now been moved to the ellipsis menu.

app filter