Financial Manager Can Import


Since the Financial Manager role is authorized to update the financial information of a number of record types, a person with this role can now also import the financial information of those record types.

This import functionality is available to a person with the Financial Manager role from the views of the following record types from the Records console:

  • Projects
  • Invoices
  • Products
  • Configuration Items
  • Contracts
  • People

To use this import functionality, the financial manager opens the Action menu from any of these views by clicking the icon with the cogwheel and then selects the ‘Import…’ option.  A comma- or tab-separated file as specified for the record type in the 4me Developer Documentation containing the financial information can then be uploaded for import into 4me.

Import action invoices financial manager

Note that a person with only the Financial Manager role can create only invoices using import.  For the other record types, import can only be used to update financial information.