Finished Tasks Separated in Self Service Inbox

InboxAt the bottom of the ‘My Inbox’ section, the 4me App and 4me Self Service used to list the change tasks and the project tasks that were assigned to the user and are already finished. The reason for listing the tasks that are already finished was that end users need to be able to look up the tasks that they were involved in. This allows them to, for example, check the summary PDF of a project that they approved.

But it is a little strange to see those finished tasks so prominently in the inbox, when the user is not expected to work on them anymore. That is why the finished tasks now have their own separate view in the ‘My Inbox’ section. People can open this view when they are in the ‘My Inbox’ section by pressing the 3 little dots (i.e. the vertical ellipsis) and selecting the option ‘Finished Tasks’.

4me Self Service - My Inbox

This opens the ‘Finished Tasks’ view, in which they can see all the change and project tasks that have reached their final status and where the person who opened this view is (one of) the assignees.

4me Self Service - Finished Tasks

The final status of a task can be one of the following status options:

  • Failed
  • Rejected
  • Completed
  • Approved
  • Canceled