First Time User Click-Through Agreement


4me has its own terms of use and privacy policy.  These are published on our website, and on the bottom of the login screen.  Organizations that use 4me may also want to show their terms and conditions to their users and possibly have these accepted whenever someone logs in for the first time.  This is now possible, using a new setting named ‘Your Privacy & Terms’.  This setting has been added to the ‘Legal & Compliance’ section of the Settings console.

Settings click through agreement

If the rich text Click-through agreement field is populated, every first time user (and after editing the agreement every user) is obligated to accept that agreement before being able to log in.  Users see the agreement that is defined in the account in which they are registered, or that of the directory account if the user is registered in a support domain account and no agreement is specified in that support domain account.

Click through agreement login

Updates to the agreement and acceptances of the agreement are recorded in the audit entries and system logs.  A user can consult the privacy statement and the last time he or she accepted the click-through agreement under ‘My Profile’.