Forward Email From Notes

Email envelope

The ability to send email from a request, task, and many other records is tightly integrated in 4me. These emails are then added as notes in that record. It is even possible to reply to an email note, or to any other note for that matter. As of now, it is also possible to forward a note or email to anyone.

By hovering over a note, the Note actions menu becomes visible. Two new buttons are now available in that menu: Forward (public) and Forward (internal).

Forward notes

By pressing any of those two buttons, the form to create an email is brought up in which the original (email) note is added as quoted text (including any inline images). Any attachments that were related to the original note are also added to this email. Pressing Forward (public) ensures that the email note and any replies to it are public, while pressing Forward (internal) will make those notes internal to the account to which the current user is logged in (or that was selected in the account switcher.

Forward email attachments

Using this built-in email functionality instead of an external email service ensures that all discussions are kept within 4me and are available to any specialist that has access to it for future reference, as well as AI features such as AI knowledge article creation and AI request summaries, and more.