Freshdesk App in 4me App Store


It is not uncommon for organizations to work with various SaaS enterprise solutions; sometimes as legacy systems, or when working with other internal or external organizations.  The 4me® App Store already boasts several standard integrations with which 4me can integrate easily, including Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps, Intune, ServiceNow, and TOPdesk.  Freshdesk is now added to that list.

Freshdesk app store

The Freshdesk App, published by Joost-IT, can create a request in a Freshdesk SaaS instance when a request is created in 4me on a specific service instance.  In Freshdesk, the request is then automatically updated by adding public notes.  More features and prerequisites are described in the ‘Features’ tab of the app in the 4me App Store.

This one-way integration from 4me to Freshdesk is free of charge and available to all 4me customers.  Next to this one-directional freemium version, there are also two paid versions.  A simple bi-directional integration is available for a one-time fee, and an advanced bi-directional, managed integration is available as well.  Interested organizations can contact the provider of the app for more information.