Generation of Expense Records

expense records

4me now generates at least one expense record for every invoice.  Invoices that are depreciated or amortized over time will have an expense record for each month that falls in the depreciation or amortization period.  These expense records will soon be used to generate reports that offer financial managers insight into the costs of services over time.

Expense records are automatically generated for each invoice and for each calendar month within the amortization or depreciation period of the invoice.  The amount per monthly expense record depends on the number of days within that month and the depreciation method, in case of invoices for configuration items.  For CI-related invoices that are set to ‘Not depreciated’, a single expense record is created with the date taken from the start date of the invoice.

The screenshot below shows an invoice for a CI, that has been depreciated over a period of 1 year, with its expense records.

Expenses for depreciated invoice for ci