Get a Shareable Dashboard URL

DashboardMany organizations have large screens mounted on their walls so that they can display dashboards on them that keep their staff up to date on their operational performance. To ensure that 4me dashboards can be presented on these screens in a secure fashion and without requiring an additional 4me user, it is now possible to get shareable links for dashboards.

New shareable URL Actions menu optionTo generate a shareable link for a dashboard, first open this dashboard in the ‘Dashboards’ section of the Analytics console. Next, click on the Actions button in the toolbar.

The Actions menu will offer the option ‘New Shareable URL…’  When this option is selected, a new short URL record opens in a separate browser tab. The short URL record already has the dashboard selected.

Creating a shareable dashboard URL

When the Save button is pressed, the short URL is created.

Sharable dashboard URL with access token

In addition to the URL, an access token is generated. When someone uses the URL in a browser, 4me will ask for this access token before it opens the dashboard.

Access verification enter access token

After entering the access token, the dashboard will open. The reports on the dashboard will populate with the data that the person who created the shareable link has access to. The name of this person is presented just below the name of the dashboard.

Dashboard as seen by person who created the shareable URL

So when a dashboard is opened using a shareable link, it uses the access rights that the person who created the shareable link has in 4me. Because of this, the ability to drill down from one of the dashboard’s reports into records is disabled. This provides some extra security when a shareable link is used to display a dashboard on a large screen in one of the common areas of an office building where people may be able to access the computer that is connected to the screen. This extra security feature also makes it possible to safely share a dashboards with others who should not have access to individual records, but who should be allowed to see the metrics, graphs and charts.

Note that when a dashboard is opened using a shareable link, it refreshes automatically every 5 minutes, just like it does when it is opened from the Analytics console.