Get All Translatable Phrases of a Record

TranslateMany organizations provide support to their people in multiple languages.  Such organizations maintain the information they make available in their self-service portal in multiple languages.  The people who act as the translators of this information (such as the services and request templates) already have a helpful interface for maintaining the translatable phrases in the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.  This section automatically suggests a suitable translation for each translatable phrase.

Actions menu option TranslationsNow another usability feature has been added to make their work a little easier.  Rather than going to the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console to see all phrases from all records that can be translated, they are now able to open a specific record that needs to be translated.  After selecting this record, they can click on the Actions button in the toolbar and select the ‘Translations…’ option from the menu.

This opens the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console in a separate browser tab.  The list of translations that the translator sees is filtered by the record that was selected, so only the translatable phrases of this record are listed in the view.  The translator can then select a language in the header of the view to translate the record’s phrases into that language.

Translations section filtered by a service record

Note that the ‘Translations…’ option in the Actions menu is available only for people who have a role that allows them to act as a translator.  The roles that offer this access are: