Getting Started with Time Tracking


Another training module has been added to the 4me Learning Center.  This new module is targeted at 4me administrators who want to help their organization set up time tracking for the departments that want to benefit from 4me’s advanced time tracking capabilities.  Many organizations that have implemented 4me still use (often multiple) separate time tracking applications.  Since the time tracking capabilities of 4me are not only rich in features, they are also free of charge for all employees (not just the support specialists) of customers on the Premium pricing plan.  Replacing the old time tracking applications can, therefore, represent significant savings for an organization.

More importantly perhaps, 4me has made the registration of time entries extremely user friendly for all enterprise employees.  Managers and their substitutes will also be able to increase their productivity, because the weekly or monthly review and approval of all employee timesheets can be completed in a matter of minutes.

4me administrators can even set up dashboards for managers for more in-depth analysis, for example to find out for which customers, or on which service, people spend the most time and how much this time costs, see Cost of Time Spent by Service.

Anyway, the new training module is called Getting Started with Time Tracking.  It takes only about 2 hours to complete.  Free 4me training instances are available at for everyone interested in the topic of time tracking.

4me training module - Getting Started with Time Tracking - Introduction page

This is the first ‘4me Getting Started Guide’.  More will be added in the future as demand for these guides becomes apparent.