Give Your Teams an Email Address

TeamIn some organizations people have gotten used to sending email directly to specific teams when they need help with something.  There can be good reasons why a team may prefer to allow the users who depend on their services to continue using email, rather than requiring them to submit their requests using 4me Self Service.

It is now easy to set this up.  4me administrators can simply specify an email address for each team that wants to give its users the ability to send email directly to them.

Inbound email address for a team

When an email is sent to a team’s inbound email address, a new request gets generated and assigned to the team.  The sender is automatically linked to the request as the requester, the email’s subject is used as the subject for the request, and the body of the email is added to the request as a note.  Once the new request has been generated, 4me sends an email notification to the sender to confirm that his/her request has been received.  The sender can subsequently use the hyperlink in this email to keep track of the request’s progress.

Organizations that do not want to communicate a new email address to their people can simply forward the existing email address of the team to the team’s new 4me email address.  That way, the users will not need to do anything different and the requests will still get generated automatically.

This new feature is an extension of 4me’s Mail API.  More information about the Mail API can be found in the 4me Developer Documentation.