Give Your UI Extensions a Title

UI ExtensionAnother small improvement has been added to the UI Extensions functionality. This improvement makes it possible to give each UI extension a title. The Title field is located just below the Name field on the UI Extension form.

Empty UI extension Title field
The Title field can be left empty. In such cases, the section header that is visible above the UI extension when it is included in a request will have the title “UI Extension”.

UI extension without a title
It can be helpful, however, for the people who work with such requests to specify a more meaningful title.

UI extension Title field with a value
The title can then be used to convey the purpose of the UI extension.

UI extension without a title
If you find it difficult to decide on a useful title for each UI extension, you can always consider using more generic titles like “Additional Information” or “Details”.

After you have given a UI extension a title, you can translate it into the languages that your organization supports by going to the Translations section of Settings console.