Global Search Operator for Automation Rules


It is now possible to do a global search in 4me using automation rules. The results of that search can be used as the starting set for a further selection based on an attribute of the record type that was searched. This is probably easiest to explain with an example use case.

Let’s first look at how global search functions outside of automation rules. Their results can be filtered on record types and a search string, such as ‘hp minitower’, which is a part of the name of the configuration item.

Global search

The results obtained from this filtered search are the same as the ones that are obtained from the new search operator for automation rules. The number of records returning from this automation search is limited to 50. From these results, a selection can then be made by using the select or detect operator, as seen in the example below. Here, the configuration items that have ‘hp minitower’ somewhere in their searchable fields and have ‘in production’ as their status, are added as CIs to the upgrade request.