Global Support for Traveling Users

Service DeskLarge global enterprises typically have multiple IT service desks, where each service desk supports the business in a different part of the world. In such environments, all employees of the enterprise can be registered in a directory account. This gives each service desk that provides first line support for a specific region access to all employees registered in the directory account.

The advantage is that users can contact the local service desk wherever their business trips take them. That’s because the local service desk analysts can look up any employee of the enterprise and register a new request for this person.

And when the enterprise wants to, for example, extend the opening hours of its service desks, they can authorize service desk analysts in different time zones to work together as virtual service desk teams. The analysts who are part of multiple service desk teams get the option to register requests for each of the support domains for which these service desks provide first line support.

Support Domains in Service Desk console

User is supportedThe coverage information of the SLAs tells the service desk analysts which support domain a user is normally supported by. This domain is presented as the first option and is marked with a green dot.

Even though a user may not have SLA coverage for any services at the site that she is visiting, the service desk analyst can still select the domain that provides support at this site. So if the user is struggling to get a WiFi connection in London, the request can be registered for the correct support domain. If needed, this allows the request to be assigned to the local network specialists.

User is supported by multiple domainsMaking it possible for service desk analysts to work for multiple (virtual) service desks, provides enormous flexibility in terms of their deployability. This new feature can also be used, for example, when a service desk analyst works for the IT service desk as well as the Facilities Management service desk.