Going Back Up the Service Hierarchy

Left chevronAn interesting feature has been added to the Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB). It has always been possible to click on a child service instances in the SHB to go down a level in the service hierarchy. Then the ability to reset the SHB was introduced, which essentially offered the ability to jump all the way back to the top of the service hierarchy. The new feature that has been added, allows specialists to move up a single level in the service hierarchy.

Service Hierarchy Browser at the bottom of the service hierarchyWhen a specialist opens a request, the SHB now presents a single left chevron ( < ) next to the service instance (SI) that is linked to the request. When the specialist clicks on it and the SI has only one parent that the specialist is allowed to see, then this parent becomes the new SI that is selected in the SHB.
Service Hierarchy Browser shows parent service instancesThe reason why this feature was not previously available is that SIs can have multiple parents. It took some time, but we believe we found an intuitive solution. In cases where there are multiple parents, the SHB simply offers up each of these parent SIs that the specialist has access to.
Service Hierarchy Browser shows child service instances of selected parent service instanceAfter selecting a parent, the specialist can either select one of its child SIs, or go up another step in the service hierarchy.