GraphQL Training


Another training module has been added to 4me’s Learning Center.  This new module is called the ‘GraphQL API Training’.  It is specifically targeted at developers.  GraphQL is a powerful data query and manipulation language that is supported by 4me to allow developers to build efficient integrations between 4me and other applications, see Introducing the 4me GraphQL API.  Eventually, it is expected that GraphQL will be favored by most developers and 4me’s REST API will be used less and less over time.

Since many developers are still new to GraphQL, 4me’s support team prepared this training module to help them get comfortable with this relatively new language for APIs. They have made sure that even relatively inexperienced developers will find the exercises easy to follow. All exercises take roughly 6 hours to complete.

4me GraphQL Training

Frequent users of the 4me Learning Center will notice that the integrations training that existed before has been split up into three separate new modules:

This should make it more efficient for developers to learn about one of these integration features when the need arises.  Detailed information about all integration capabilities can be found in the 4me Developer Documentation.