Group by Custom Field Values

Pie Chart

It has been a while since the ability to filter reports by custom field values was introduced.  Now that it is has become possible to group the data in a report by a filter, it has also become possible to group the data in a report by custom field values.

Let’s use the ‘Open Requests’ metric report as an example to demonstrate how a simple report, which by default only shows a number, can be transformed by grouping the data by the values selected in a custom field that an organization may have added to one or more of its request templates.  After selecting this report in the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console, it will only show a numeric value.

Open Requests metric report

But when the ‘Group by’ box is checked and the organization’s filterable custom field ‘Transportation mode’ is selected, the metric report becomes a pie chart.

Open Requests pie chart report grouped by custom field values

And because it is now possible to transform pie charts into bar charts or donut charts, the ‘Display as’ feature became available as well.  This can then be used to change the presentation of the report to a bar or donut chart.

Open Requests donut chart grouped by custom field values

Note that the ability to group report data by the values of a custom field is available only for custom fields of the type ‘checkbox’, ‘select’, or ‘suggest’, and only when the ‘Filterable’ option was activated for these custom fields.