Grouped Requests Waiting for You

Request GroupWhen a request group is set to the status ‘Waiting for Customer’, the requesters of the requests that are included in this group are notified.  Their individual requests show up in 4me Self Service and the 4me App as ‘Waiting for you’.  This ensures that they know what information the specialist who was working on the request group is looking for.

Request in 4me Self Service with status Waiting for you

After one of the requesters has updated his/her grouped request by adding a note, the specialist who is selected in the Member field of the group, receives a notification.  None of this is new.  What has changed, though, is that the status of the group and all of its grouped requests now gets updated from ‘Waiting for Customer’ back to ‘Assigned’.

This ensures that the requesters, whose request is part of the group, no longer see the blue dot or the red ‘Waiting for you’ indication when they access 4me Self Service or the 4me App.  And in the Inbox console of the specialist, the request group will now be marked with a blue dot.  So even if the specialist did not see the notification, it is clear that the request group is ready to be worked on.