Hide All Other Graphs in Reports


Reports in 4me can contain several series of data at the same time, presented in different graphs, sometimes even of different types.  While this is a very powerful way to present data, it sometimes helps a manager to hide one (or more) graphs, to better be able to focus on the remaining data.  This can be achieved by clicking on the legend for those particular graphs, one by one.

A new feature has been added to the reports for power users.  Using Ctrl-click (on Windows and Linux computers) or Command-click (for Apple Mac users) on any item of the chart legend hides all data series except the one that was clicked on.

The following example shows the report for Service Desk Customer Satisfaction, that has multiple data series.  In the first image, all graphs for this report are visible.  In the second, only the graph for satisfied service desk users’ is visible, after ‘Satisfied’ in the legend was Ctrl-clicked.  By using this shortcut, the user did not need to click on each data series separately to hide them.

Report with multiple graphs
Report with multiple graphs hidden