Hiding Change Notes & Attachments from Other Accounts

TrustSpecialists of a trusted account can review a change when it includes a task that is assigned to a team of this trusted account. To avoid the unintentional sharing of the notes and attachments of a change with specialists of a trusted account, the access rights to changes were recently adjusted.

But some support organizations want to share the notes and attachments of their changes with other support organizations they work with. To support this, an additional feature has been added to the Account Trust functionality of 4me.
This new feature becomes available after an account (e.g. GlobalNet) has activated the option that allows one of its trusted accounts (e.g. Widget Data Center) to assign change tasks to them.
Trusted account can assign change tasks to us
The trusted account (in this example Widget Data Center) will then see the new option ‘GlobalNet can view our change notes and attachments’ in the trust relation. By default this option is unchecked. To give the other account access to the change notes and attachments, all the account administrator needs to do is check this box.
Trusted account can view our change notes and attachments
Note that people who are registered in the directory account of the support domain account in which a change is registered can always see the ‘Notes’ and ‘Attachments’ sections of this change if they have been asked to approve it, even if this box is not checked.