Hotjar App Available in 4me App Store


Organizations that want to better understand how their users use 4me can now install the Hotjar app from our app store.  Hotjar uses heatmaps that help you see what people actually do;  where they click, how far they scroll, what they look at or ignore.  This data can be very helpful for improving internal processes.

hotjar integration app store

Installation of the integration is – as always – very easy, but you do need a Hotjar ID to make it work.  When it is installed the Hotjar JavaScript code is injected into the 4me Self Service page of the account.

hotjar heatmap

Here’s an example of what a heatmap generated by Hotjar might look like, after several users have clicked on different links and buttons of the user interface.  Often clicked places register as red, rarely clicked places register as blue.