Identifying People by Their Initials

PersonYou may have noticed that 4me now shows the initials of a person when a picture of this person is not yet available. This is a little more informative than 4me’s default person icon, especially when you are reviewing the notes of a request:
ITRP Notes with Initials
The picture or initials are also displayed on the right side of the toolbar. This is where the Sign Out icon used to be. When you click on your picture or initials in the toolbar, you will see the following menu options: 4me User Profile
The ‘My Profile’ option allows you to update your personal settings, preferences and password (the section for setting a new password is hidden when single sign-on has been activated).
The ‘Help & Support’ option and the ‘Sign Out’ option are self-explanatory.
The advantage of moving the ‘Sign Out’ option to this menu is that people will not accidentally log off from 4me when they had a long day and missed when trying to click on the ‘Time Spent Today’ indicator.