Impressions from 4me CAB 2015

4me CAB logoEarlier this week, the members of our customer advisory board converged on Dubrovnik. This ancient city at the Adriatic Sea formed the backdrop of the 2015 4me CAB.

City tour
The objective of this meeting was to agree on the themes for 4me’s development efforts in 2016. We started by looking back at the achievements of the past 12 months. Last year, the major themes were: Beyond IT, Mobile and Real Time.

Boat trip
The experience that was shared by the participants was so interesting that they all agreed to skip some of the entertainment that was on the agenda. Toward the end of this CAB meeting, the customers decided that we should focus our development efforts for the next 12 months primarily on Knowledge Management and Resource Planning.

These are now the themes that will guide the expansion of the 4me service until the next CAB meeting. In addition, you can expect some state-of-the-art security features to be added to the 4me service.

Lunch discussions
So keep an eye on this blog. Each time a new feature has become available, it will be announced here.