Impressions from 4me CAB 2017

4me CAB logoThis year’s customer advisory board meeting was held at a fort in Cascais, Portugal. The program was redesigned to allow more time for in-depth functional discussions. These discussions were mixed with short presentations from 4me’s developers.

4me CAB 2017 Hotel in Cascais
The customers shared how they use certain features internally. They explained why some of their proposed enhancements are more important to them than others. Some site seeing, live music and amazing culinary experiences provided welcome diversions between the sessions.
4me CAB 2017 Excursions
At the end of the nearly 3-day CAB, the customers decided that the main themes for 2018 should be more reporting, more project & portfolio management, more resource planning, more CMDB, more knowledge management, and more mobile. So that is the focus for 2018.
4me CAB 2017 Offroad Adventure