Impressions from 4me CAB 2020

4me CAB logoEngaged customers, motivated 4me partners, the knowledge of our passionate development team, helpful hosts and delicious snacks and drinks.  Those were the welcome ingredients of the first online 4me Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting.

The care package for the participants

Due to the current global situation we were not able to offer the beautiful surroundings we are used to during our annual CAB meetings.  We instead invited delegates from our valued customers to spend a few days with us online, discussing possible new service management capabilities to support the digitization initiatives of enterprises.

Normally, only 10 customers are invited to attend the CAB meeting, but thanks to the online format, we were able to accommodate twice that number this year.  Together with their 4me partners and the entire 4me development team, almost 60 people actively participated in the sessions that were spread out over the past three days.

A toast to the participants

Day 1

The meeting started with 4me CEO, Cor Winkler Prins and the 4me development team giving an overview of the many new features implemented since last year’s CAB meeting.  During this first session the audience could sit back and relax, listen to the presentations while enjoying the wine and snacks delivered to them beforehand.

Day 2

The second day, after a joint kick-off, the participants were split up into three groups to discuss their favorite enhancement suggestions and 4me feature ideas.  After lively discussions each group decided which enhancements would make it to the last round; the voting on the third day.

Day 3

Today was the final day of this year’s CAB meeting.  The topics that each group decided to bring up for a final vote were presented by the customer representatives who had initially proposed them.  The CAB members subsequently casted their votes and the result is a prioritized list for the development team to work through before next year’s CAB meeting.  At the top of this list is the introduction of Kanban boards to help teams organize their work in a more visual manner and the desire to make 4me Self Service even more user friendly.  So expect to see these topics come up right here on the 4me Blog as these enhancements are delivered.

4me CAB 2020 logo

Did we miss the traditional setup for our CAB meetings?  Yes, we certainly did.  Each CAB meeting is about connecting, getting to know each other better and building on each other’s ideas.  Nevertheless, we are very pleased with the outcome of these three days.  Our development team got the green light to work on some wonderful new features.

An enormous thank you to all participants; your input, feedback and ideas help us shape the future.  Not just for your own organization, but all 4me customers.  Thanks to you, they will find it easier to reach a higher level of service management maturity and greater employee satisfaction.