Impressions from 4me CAB 2022

cab 2022 istanbul

When representatives from 4me, customers, and partners convene in the city where East and West coalesce, you can be fairly certain that it will involve lively conversation and an inspiring ambiance.  And great conversations were had, in the Bosphorus Palace Hotel in Istanbul, about SIAM, ESM, Self Service, and automation, amongst many other topics.  It was also a beautiful location to welcome some of our new Turkish customers and partners, in the region where 4me is expanding rapidly.

lunch bosphorus

Decisions were made too, of course, because that is why the yearly Customer Advisory Board meeting is organized in the first place: to involve organizations that use 4me on a daily basis in determining the direction the platform should take for the coming year.  Whereas in previous editions the emphasis was mostly on developing new features, this year the main focus was on improving existing functionalities.  This is completely in line with our tagline: ‘The Complete Service Management Platform’: all relevant capabilities are already present in 4me.

Apart from several presentations about newly introduced functionalities (many of these requested during last year’s CAB) and strategic direction, there was ample time for feature requests by our customers, and for the consecutive discussions and voting.  Some of the highest prioritized enhancement suggestions were:

  • A tool to migrate configurations from QA to production
  • The ability to schedule and email dashboards
  • Making all 4me Self Service pages customizable
cab photos

Of course, there was also plenty of time to have individual discussions during the lunches and dinners, or the boat trip and sight-seeing tour to the old city center with its ancient structures like the Grand Bazaar, the Hagia Sophia and the Basilica Cistern.

Once again, it was great to see the high level of involvement and expertise among all the participants, and we heartily thank everyone for that.  It was this that made the 2022 CAB a resounding success that will be hard to top next year. Needless to say, we will try.